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Date: 4/27/2014

On Sunday 27 April the groups for the 2014 Women’s Junior World Championship will be drawn at the City Hall in Koprivnica, the main venue of the competition in Croatia.

Starting at 13:00 hrs local time the draw will be live streamed on www.u20.info. The pots and the procedure for the draw are based on the so called performance rows and seeding lists of the 24 nations, their rankings at the respective continental qualifications and the results of the 2012 Women's Junior World Championship. Host Croatia is seeded in pot 3 and can assign itself to a group of its choice.

Those teams have qualified for the Women’s Junior (U20) World Championship (28 June to 13 July 2014):
Host: Croatia
Defending U-18 World Champion: Denmark
Europe: Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden
Asia: Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan
Africa: Angola, DR Congo, Tunisia
Pan-America: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina

Performance rows for the draw event:
Row 1: Denmark, Russia, Hungary, Norway
Row 2: Romania, Netherlands, Korea, France
Row 3: Sweden, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia
Row 4: Brazil, Angola, Japan, Czech Republic
Row 5: Uruguay, China, DR Congo, Serbia
Row 6: Portugal, Argentina, Tunisia, Kazakhstan

Draw procedure:
In order to avoid that two or three teams from the same continent face within the preliminary round, 4 continental pots have been created for the draw. Each continent has a place in row 4, row 5 and row 6 according to the continental ranking. Only teams of row 4 are drawn, the places of the teams of row 5 and 6 then result automatically from the related positions.
After those rows 4 to 6 have been decided, the pots 2 and 1 are drawn to the groups A to D. Then organizer Croatia has the prerogative to assign itself to a group of its choice in row 3, before the remaining teams in pot 3 are drawn to groups A to D in row 3.

The Preliminary Round (28 June to 5 July, six teams in four groups) will be played in Koprivnica, Dugo Selo, Čakovec and Zagreb. Those teams to finish fifth and sixth in their groups will continue in the President’s Cup in Čakovec from 7 to 9 July. The Eighth-Finals with the best four teams of each group will take place in Koprivnica and Dugo Selo on 7 July, followed by the Quarter-Finals in Koprivnica (9 July) and the Placement Round 9-18 in Dugo Selo (9, 10 and 12 July). The losers of the Quarter-Finals compete in the Placement Round 9-16 (11 and 13 July) in Koprivnica, while the semi-finalists face on 11 July in Koprivnica, where the medals matches will take place on 13 July.