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Date: 4/23/2014

The final ten open spots for the Women’s Junior World Championship in Croatia (28 June to 13 July) have been decided in six tournaments throughout Europe over the Easter weekend. From four tournaments the two best ranked teams each qualified for Croatia; from those two groups with only three teams, only the winner qualified.

In Group 1 (in Olomouc, Czech Republic) Norway had no problem in qualifying, winning all three matches against Czech Republic, Turkey and Israel. Two wins were enough for Czech Republic to follow Norway into the final tournament.

Romania and Slovenia became the two teams to qualify from Group 2, played in Reykjavik, Iceland. Like Norway, Romania won all their three matches. Slovenia, whose Veronika Leski became the top scorer of all six qualification tournaments with 32 goals, qualified as second ranked team.

Netherlands (group winner by five points) and Serbia as well as France (group winner by six points after three victories) and Portugal are the teams that qualified from Groups 3 (in Chorzow, Poland) and 4 (in Zug, Switzerland) respectively, where both hosts failed in clinching the berth to the event. 

From Groups 5 (in Chieti, Italy) and 6 (in Neckarsulm, Germany) only the first ranked teams qualified. In the decisive matches for the ticket to Croatia, Sweden beat Austria 26:20 in Group 5, while Germany secured the qualification with a 23:18 victory against Spain.

Now the field of participants is completed – those teams will compete in Croatia in summer:
Host: Croatia
Defending U18 World Champion: Denmark
Europe: Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, France, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Norway, Czech Republic
Asia: Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan
Africa: Angola, DR Congo, Tunisia
Pan-America: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina

The draw for this event will be conducted by Leon Kalin, Chairman of the IHF Commission of Organizing and Competition, in Koprivnica (City Hall), the main venue of the competition, where all stages of the World Championship including the final weekend will take place, on 27 April, 13:00 local time. Additional venues for the World Championship are Dugo Selo, Čakovec and Zagreb.