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Date: 8/16/2014

The Olympic torch has arrived, the Games already started after the official opening speech by IOC President Dr Thomas Bach: Nearly 4000 young sportsmen and sportswomen aged 15 to 18 representing 205 National Olympic Committees have gathered in Nanjing, China, for the second edition of the Youth Olympic Games (YOG). And like at the premiere in Singapore four years ago, handball is in the official YOG programme, which includes all 28 sports of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.


Each six male and female teams have qualified for the major Younger Age Category event under the umbrella of the IOC and the IHF.

Defending champions of the first ever YOG handball tournaments are the girls from Denmark and the boys from Egypt.


As the YOG already started on Thursday (14 August) the starting whistle for the handball tournament will be blown on Wednesday, 20 August. The preliminary rounds of girls (afternoon session) and boys (evening session) will be carried out parallel from 20 to 22 August. The each two best ranked teams qualify for the semi-finals, which will be played on 24 August, followed by the medal matches of boys and girls and the completion of the placement matches 5/6 in each gender on 25 August.


Those are the groups of the preliminary round:

Women’s tournament:

Group A: Russia, Korea, Angola

Group B: Sweden, Brazil, China

Men’s tournament:

Group A: Egypt, Brazil, Norway

Group B: Qatar, Slovenia, Tunisia


You can find the match schedule of the YOG handball tournament here: http://ihf.info/files/Uploads/NewsAttachments/0_HB%20Competition%20Schedule20140526.pdf

And you can find out more on the YOG in Nanjing here: http://www.nanjing2014.org/en/

The Youth Olympic Games are not only about sports, but also about education and learning on the Olympic Ideals. Therefore every sport of the YOG programme has nominated a role model – for handball it is 2012 World Handball Player of the Year and 2013 World Champion Alexandra Nascimento from Brazil. She will meet and talk to the young athletes and will represent handball and Brazil among the YOG.

Read here how Nascimento felt when she was appointed official handball YOG role model: http://www.ihf.info/MediaCenter/News/NewsDetails/tabid/130/Default.aspx?ID=1888