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Date: 5/30/2012

On Wednesday the groups for the 2012 London Olympic Handball Tournaments will be drawn in the Crystal Palace sports complex in London. Starting at 17:30 hrs local time with an introduction the draw will be live streamed on www.ihf.info. In the presence of IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa the draw event will be conducted by Leon Kalin and Miguel Roca, the IHF Technical Delegates of the Olympic Handball Tournaments.
The two groups of the preliminary round in the men’s and women’s tournament consist of six teams each.

Those are the seeding lists:
Women’s tournament:
Pot 1: Norway, Montenegro
Pot 2: Spain, Russia
Pot 3: Denmark, Croatia
Pot 4: France, Great Britain
Pot 5: Sweden, Brazil
Pot 6: Angola, Korea

Men’s tournament:
Pot 1: France, Spain
Pot 2: Sweden, Croatia
Pot 3: Iceland, Hungary
Pot 4: Serbia, Great Britain
Pot 5: Denmark, Argentina
Pot 6: Korea, Tunisia

Draw regulations: At first the pots 6, 5, 3, 2 and 1 will be drawn, then host Great Britain can choose their respective group.