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Nikola Karabatic


Name :  KARABATIC  Nikola
Poste :  Left back / demi-center (right)
Born on :  April 11th 1984 at Nis(Serbia)
Number :  13
Nickaname :  Niko
Height:  1,95 m
Weight :  102 kg


Sports information


Olympic Champion 2008, World Champion 2009, 3rd place at WCh 2003/05, European Champion 2006 and 2010, 3rd place at ECh 2008, German and French Champion and Cup Winner, 2x Champions League Winner

Karabatic belongs to the most outstanding handball players of today. Although he’s only 26 years old, the former World Handball Player has already achieved everything a sportsman could achieve. According to his own statement, the model athlete, who is 1.95 meter tall, aims for becoming “perfect”. After having played for Kiel for several years, Karabatic returned to Montpellier in 2009. Thanks to his goal threat, the back court player will certainly become one of the most remarkable players of the WCh in Sweden.