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Date: 4/8/2013

24 teams will compete in four cities for the WCh trophy at the coming Men’s Junior World Championship 2013 in Bosnia Herzegovina. After having established the Pan-American participants 24 teams will be drawn to the four preliminary round groups in Banja Luka, Ljubuški, Sarajevo and Zenica as part of the official draw ceremony to be held on 18 April at the Coloseum Club in Sarajevo (start: 20.00 local time).

As confirmed by the IHF-COC, the teams from Serbia and Croatia will be assigned to fixed venues – Serbia will have their preliminary round matches in Group A in Banja Luka, Croatia in Group B in  Ljubuški. Group C will be played in Sarajevo, Group D in Zeneca.
Six teams each will meet per group at the preliminary round stage; the four best-ranked teams each will make it to the eighth-finals whereas the teams ranked fifth and sixth will play the President’s Cup.


You will find below the pots for the draw:
Pot 1: Spain, Croatia, Tunisia, Congo
Pot 2: Slovenia, Sweden, France, Germany
Pot 3: Switzerland, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil
Pot 4: Qatar, Denmark, Egypt, Argentina
Pot 5: Korea, Netherlands, Angola, Chile
Pot 6: Kuwait, Hungary, Algeria, Serbia



These are the rules of the draw, which will be conducted by IHF-COC Member Philippe Bana (France):
Pot 6 is drawn first with Serbia assigned to group A. The remaining teams of pot 6 (KUW, HUN, ALG) are drawn to groups B – D in row 6.
According to the results of the drawing of pot 6, the teams of pot 5 are assigned to the corresponding groups in row 5 and the teams of pot 4 are assigned to the corresponding groups in row 4 as according to IHF standards teams from the same continent in row 4, 5 and 6 should not meet in the same groups at the preliminary round stage.
The draw continues with pot 2 with Croatia assigned to group B followed by pot 1
Before continuing with pot 3 host Bosnia-Herzegovina exercises the organizer’s prerogative to assign itself to a group of its choice in row 3. The remaining teams of pot 3 are drawn to groups A – D in row 3.